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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Won An Award!

I would like to say "Thank You" to JoAnn over at sweetpepperrose.blogspot.com.  She was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award

Head over and check out JoAnn's site, she is always coming up with some really clever
craft ideas!

Liebster is German for "dearest."  The purpose of the Liebster Award is to help "newbie" blogs with less than 200 followers get noticed with a sort of sweet "Shout Out" of attention, and likewise, a sort of "Pay It Forward" is included, to help other blogs get due notice and attention.

How it works:
To receive the award, the following is in order:

(1)Make a Post about your win putting the award button in your post.
(2)Link back to (& follow) the blogger who nominated you the award.
(3)Pick five blogs with less than 200 followers that you feel deserving of the Liebster Award  and leave them a comment on their blog to let them know you've nominated them.
(4) Tell the 5 blogs you've chosen to 'Pay It Forward' and 'Share some Blog Love' by following the instructions for 5 more newbie blogs.
(5) Share five random facts about ourselves.

O.k. first, five random facts about me;

1.  I am a huge couponer, not extreme, but with a family of six, I like to get a good deal!

2.  I used to be in Product Development.  I developed headwear for licensed sports, ie. NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR etc.  Also worked for Margaritaville developing products for Jimmy Buffetts stores.

3.  I Love Halloween, X-mas comes in a close second!

4.  My nickname is Booba...given to me by my oldest sister when my Mom brought me home for the first time, and I quote, "She looks like a Booba", never got out of that one.

5.  I am a little bit of a nomad - I am originally from upstate N.Y. (father still lives there), went to college in Virginia, built a home & family in Maine and now reside in Florida....but who knows for how long:)

O.k. second, my five nominees are;

1.  Country at Heart
2.  Huckleberry Lady
3.  The Gingerbread Gem
4.  Cherry's Prairie Primitives
5.  Pendleton Primitives

These are all great blogs by some wonderful people.  Congrats and don't forget to "Pay it Forward" :)


SweetPepperRose said...

Lori, you're so very welcome and deserving! Cute stuff over here :)

SweetPepperRose said...

And I love Halloween, too! However, I'm a big Home-body.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's nice to get to know you better! I love living here in Florida! I've never lived in Maine but what a difference!

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Thank you for the award and I'm sorry I haven't paid it forward yet. I haven't picked 5 newbie blogs yet. I'm working on it!


Rhodes Creations said...

Such a great idea!