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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Generous Gift

Look what came in the mail today!  Cindi from Cindi's Country Corner was so very kind to send me these cute items.  She had a birthday giveaway, which I did not win, but she decided to draw two other names and I was one of them!  This is what I received:

A cute fall pillow, two cinnamon scented votives and this adorable Halloween hanging!
I had to take two photos as my four year old begged to be in the picture!
Thank you so much Cindi for these very generous gifts. 
If you haven't already done so, please stop by Cindi's blog and say hello!
 I will be back on Monday to post some pictures, we are having a get together tomorrow and serving fresh Maine lobster!!  My sister-in-law is having them shipped in from home.
Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend:)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Thanks w/ A Fun & Simple Craft

After winning the OFG's Fall Shop Hop Giveaway, I wanted to send a little thank you to the ladies that sent me the wonderful gifts.  I wanted to send out something quick and simple, since there were ten of them, but also something that was cute and useful.
I know a lot of you have probably done these before, but I thought I would just share as I feel they make cute little gifts that you can get out in a hurry....send with a thank you note, use as part of a teachers gift, use as a hostess favor, whatever.  And you can use whatever images you feel appropriate for the occasion.

Glass Bead Magnets
I created fall theme ones as it was a fall giveaway.  But these are so simple & fun to make, my daughter and I had a blast!  She can't wait to do some x-mas ones to give to her teachers this year.
Enjoy your day:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for my little ones.  Here in Florida they start a little earlier than we are normally used to, but it's all good (especially for this Mom who really needed a break)!
To my surprise, even considering it was my youngest ones first day of Pre-K, there were no major issues!  Of course I had to snap a couple of pictures, (so anyone caring to see can go here)

I am not good at documenting everything that goes on with this family, which is one of the reasons I started this blog, kind of my personal photo album/journal.

Hope all of you who had your children going off on their first day, had a good start!
And best of luck to all of you who still have a couple weeks to wait:)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look Who Came Fishing!

So I get a call from my nephew Randy yesterday afternoon that we would be having a surprise guest, someone who has been dying to go fishing in my backyard pond.  Now mind you,
this isn't a fancy pond, just a community pond, but it does have some nice bass in it that
my family has caught on a lot of occasions. 
All I have to say is thank God I cleaned my house and had some food prepared for a cookout,
cause look who showed up ~

Sir Nick Faldo w/ my oldest son Nicholas

In case many of you aren't familiar with who Nick Faldo is,
other than my son's greatest hero, here is a link to just give you an idea  

My nephew is the Master Club Fitter at the Faldo Golf Institute located at the Marriot Grande Vista here in Orlando.  He also likes to brag and send texts to Nick of the fish he catches here,
thus the competition begins.  Although Nick caught a couple of bass last night,
he still wants to beat Randy at the record which is 12 large bass in 3 hours....and hey,
that's ok with us, especially my son,
who has now given himself 10 years to win his first Masters!

Have a great one!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Thrift Store Redo

Just a quick post tonight. 

I found this piece at the local Goodwill and knew I could do something with it.  It was in rough shape with an old fall vine wrapped around it.  I had my husband add a small piece of wood under the small box on the bottom so it could stand up better, as it was leaning in the picture.  I also added a hanger in the back in case I decided to hang it.  I then ripped out the old floral foam, spray painted and added a few new touches. 

Here is the before:

And the after:

It was a lot of fun to redo, now I just need to figure out where to put it!
Have a great night:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Win Ten Fold!

So here it is, the post I have been wanting to do for a couple of weeks now.  If you didn't hear, my computer had a horrble virus, but it is now fixed and I am up and running....yay!

First off, thank you to everyone over at the Old Farmhouse Gathering.  I was one of the lucky winners of the Old Farmhouse Gatherings Shop Hop Giveaway and I must say we (my children and I) had a really great time going through all of the artists etsy shops.  (I also want to thank my husband for letting me borrow his computer for a couple of hours every day:)  Everyone is so gifted and does such wonderful work! 

There were 3 winners, each of whom won 10 gifts.  Here are the goodies I received and the very talented artisans who created them:

Salem Spices
by Pam of P.S. Primitives

Fall Scarecrow Garden Shovel
by Janice of Raggedy Jan 

Flannel Candle Mat
by Kim of Cane River Crafts

Harvest Time Scarecrow
by The McConnell's of Cozy Expressions

Gourd Jack-o-Lantern
by Judy of Holly Ridge Creations

Stitched Pumpkin Towel (& Lemongrass Soap)
by Carmen of Old House Mercantile

Pumpkin & Candy Corn Bowl Fillers
by Valerie of Yorkies Primitives

Autumn Bird
by Robin of Baggaraggs

Sunflower Candle Mat (& Tin Angel Ornament)
by Lucy of The Farmers Attic

"Mr Big Head" Pumpkin Man
by Marilyn of Harvest Moon Prims

Thank you all so so much!!  It was like Christmas in my mailbox.  I couldn't wait for the mailman to show up everyday with something new and the kids couldn't wait to help me open them.

I hope all of you reading this will go and and take some time to visit all of these amazing & fun shops.  

Have a great day:)

Monday, August 6, 2012

An Apology & Take Note

Quick post here, I was one of the lucky winners of the Old Farmhouse Gatherings Fall Blog Hop Giveaway!  I just wanted to apologize to the wonderful ladies of whom I won 10 wonderful gifts.

I have not been able to post as my computer had a horrible virus.  I sent it out to get it fixed, which took forever, then after it was returned, my security features would not work!  After days of talking online with my security company they found out that not only was my program erased but that there was another error with Microsoft itself.  Finally after getting ahold of Microsoft, I let them take over and fix what needed to be fixed.  Thus, weeks later and $240.00 out of pocket I am finally up and running!  After all that, I should have gotten a new computer but I really didn't want to lose everything, pictures, programs, etc. that is currently on mine.

Take note:  Please make sure that you have a good security system on your machines.  Unfortunately, mine was apparently taken off due to my husbands last job, which needed to download their own security features on both of our computers because of very "secret and confidential" information that could not be risked being seen by "outsiders".

I hope to be posting my wins from the Old Farmhouse Gatherings Fall Blog Hop.  I have some really nice goodies to show and also have been working on a couple of projects that I would like to share as well.
Until then.....be safe!