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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look Who Came Fishing!

So I get a call from my nephew Randy yesterday afternoon that we would be having a surprise guest, someone who has been dying to go fishing in my backyard pond.  Now mind you,
this isn't a fancy pond, just a community pond, but it does have some nice bass in it that
my family has caught on a lot of occasions. 
All I have to say is thank God I cleaned my house and had some food prepared for a cookout,
cause look who showed up ~

Sir Nick Faldo w/ my oldest son Nicholas

In case many of you aren't familiar with who Nick Faldo is,
other than my son's greatest hero, here is a link to just give you an idea  

My nephew is the Master Club Fitter at the Faldo Golf Institute located at the Marriot Grande Vista here in Orlando.  He also likes to brag and send texts to Nick of the fish he catches here,
thus the competition begins.  Although Nick caught a couple of bass last night,
he still wants to beat Randy at the record which is 12 large bass in 3 hours....and hey,
that's ok with us, especially my son,
who has now given himself 10 years to win his first Masters!

Have a great one!


Terra said...

What a fun competition and thrill for your son Nicholas to spend time with his hero.

Kim said...

Very cool. The "thank god I cleaned my house" comment cracked me up. It seems company always arrives when you decide to leave the housework until tomorrow.

Prims By The Water said...

How awesome tohav e a celeb fish your pond! I too laughed reading how you were glad you cleaned your house. Take care, Janice

Mrs. Lydon said...

AHHH so exciting!!! Nick it is wonderful to have goals to keep yourself on your toes! Way to go buddy!