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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hoot, Help & Enchiladas

First off, I have a really easy & yummy recipe that I wanted to share.  My daughter helped me make these last night and they were a hit with everyone, and I have some seriously picky eaters!  If you would like to try Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas, go here;

Second, I have had a few bloggers tell me they are having a hard time trying to comment on my posts.  They say everything freezes up or takes a really long time to download.  I have no idea what is going on.  I know that if you have a lot of flashy items, raining images or music this can slow things down, but I don't have any of these which would cause this to happen.  If anyone else is having a problem with my site or has any idea what is going on please email me at applegrovetreasures@yahoo.com.  Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Third, I really wanted an owl to display for this time of year and since I didn't have one, I decided to create one!  Hoot is perched on a grubby wooden candlestick tied with twine & a rusty bell.  He was a lot of fun to make and is going to go great with some of my fall decor.

I have a few other items I am working on, one was a surprise from my dear hubby....will show you when I am finished!
Hope you all have a wonderful week:)


The Gingerbread Gem said...

I never have problems when writing comments on your blog. Maybe it depends on the browser readers use?

I love the owl! He would make a great doorstop too (if you filled him up with sand or anything heavy).


Christine said...

I've no problems with your blog, Lori!
Your owl 'Hoot' is a cutie! Love the fabric you used!
Have a great week!

Trace4J said...

Oh your Hoot is soo cute.
Love new recipes too.


Rhodes Creations said...

Love Hoot! Love Mexican food too!! Have a blessed week! Laura

cathy crosson said...

i love your little owl. So creative!