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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wonderful Halloween

I realize Halloween has gone by, but it is one of my favorite holidays!  The kids had a blast, they were able to dress up a few different times and each had two different outfits this year.  Here are a couple of picts taken from our annual Clubhouse Halloween Party - all four won awards from different catagories!

My daughter was a Geisha for the party

and here are the two little ones,
(My oldest was a really scary devil but that pic is on my hubby's phone)

We had gone trick or treating at the History Museum the day before and my daughter happened to fit in perfectly with a coven of pageant witches who were hanging around
(She is second in from right, in front)

Hope you all had a great time:)

The day after Halloween, moving onto Christmas I guess!
Where did Thanksgiving go?!