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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Sunday

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday.  Weather was pretty weird today, in the 80's but very windy and dark clouds here and there - not the kind of weather I am used to this time of year, but hey who's complaining!   I went out with my daughter today to pick up a few craft items.  When we moved from Maine to Florida, I left most of my items and supplies back at our orchard store, so I am trying to play catch up and put a few ideas together.  I was working on some label ideas today and came across this picture that I just had to share.  Now this was taken back in October while we were in the park walking around a craft fair.  I thought he/she was just beautiful.  Maybe I can turn this into something - a cross stitch?  Who knows, anyway, wishing you all a wonderful week :)

~ God Bless

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