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Friday, March 9, 2012

Candle Grunging w/ Kids

Last night, while my husband worked late, I decided to grunge some candles.  I let my two oldest stay up for a little bit to help out.  Well, they had so much fun, I couldn't get them to go to bed.  10:30 on a school night is too late in our house for an 8 & 10 year old, but they were doing such a good job and coming up with some creative ideas, that I just let them run with it. 

The start of one of my sons creations, the end result was awesome!

As Daddy was pulling in, I made them jump into bed, I know, I'm bad, but sometimes you gotta give a little.  We were all having fun :)  I didn't get a picture of everything, but here is one where I thought the candles came out great!

Needless to say, we are all exhausted and after finishing a couple of projects this evening, we are hitting the hay early tonight!

~ Good night ~


GennieG said...

Hi Lori! I have never made my own candles and I really want to give it a try. I like the ones you did there. I love grubby candles. I had to laugh when you were saying you made the kids jump in bed when you heard your hubby coming home. I've done that before lol The kids did a great job!

Tam said...

Kinda pathatic for me, as I have yet to master it and your gets can do it, the best method I have so far is paint it then sprinkle with whatever (I used coffee grounds)then when dry touch up thats the hard part for me

Christine said...

Well they did a great job! You'll need them to work night shifts for you to make enough to sell! Just joking!

Farmhouse prims said...

Your candles are awesome, what wonderful memories for the kids. Hugs, Lecia

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Amazing what children can come up with when left to their own imagination. We sometimes don't give them enough credit do we.
A little late night isn't all that bad now and then...bet they giggled all the way to bed.

Angie Berry said...

How fun! I'm so glad that your kids enjoy the waxing. When I'm waxing in the kitchen, my kids come running thinking I'm taking snickerdoodles out of the oven. They leave disappointed, not even interested in playing in the wax with me, hehe.

We've had a few late nights also but it's hard to stop when you're having family fun, isn't it?

My Stitches to Treasure said...

I love your candles. This is on my 'to try' list for the summer. Do you have any tips?