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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boxes in the Mail

Well I have to admit, I have been on a lucky streak lately...knock on wood!
As promised, although a day late, I am posting the wonderful items that showed up on my doorstep!
These were from a giveaway hosted by
the Crafty Prim Sista's -
a couple of generous and lovely ladies:
 Libby of Rusty Shed Prims
and Deb of Vintage Country Farmhouse
It was a cute giveaway where you had to guess the number of marbles in a jar.
Well here is what showed up in the mail, I will let the pictures speak for themselves;

From Libby ~


From Deb ~

Oh my goodness, it was so kind and sweet of them.  I was doing a happy dance as I was taking everything out of the boxes!  Can't wait to start creating with some of the items, the rest are already up and around the house...my husband keeps noticing new things everyday!
I would like to pay it forward and do a giveaway of my own very soon, coming up with some ideas:)
Wishing you all a great Tuesday!


Raggedy Creations said...

Wow, what wonderful goodies, just like Christmas.


Cindi said...

Now that was a load! Congrats! I need to win a giveaway or three! Tee hee hee! Very nice things!
Be blessed,

Cathy C said...

You are the luckiest person I know when it comes to winning giveaways! Congrats:)

Peggy Lee said...

Sweet giveaway winnings!!
I can just imagine your happy dance as you unwrapped it all.

Primitive Stars said...

Wow!!!! Lori, wonderful goodies you won on the giveaway, such generous gals......love everything, Francine.

Pendleton Primitives said...

Holy smokes, it is like Christmas in March! Wow!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh my gosh Lori! You just got lucky again girl. You've won my giveaway too! Give me a shout with your address and color you want your veggie bin to be.
moonbatty [at!] hotmail.com