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Monday, December 10, 2012

Merriment Chain Day #14

Merriment wreath!
This is an adorable wreath that my sister made for me many years ago.  Every year when I pull it out I hang it on my front door.  He is always there to greet my guests during the holidays:)
What or who greets your guests at your front door?
Besides you!



Primitive Stars said...

Hi Lori, sweet wreath with Santa.....I have a pine wreath with old bells and some homespun........Blessings Francine.

Cindi said...

Hi Lori, I love that wreath, the Santa is so cute. I just have a plain lit wreath on my front door.
Be blessed,

Trace4J said...

Such a sweet wreath from your sister.
Christmas love


The Gingerbread Gem said...

Well,I have a little gnome house next to my front door. So it would be a gnome that greets you. The problem is that the gnomes are to shy when there are people around (that's what I tell my children.)


Prims By The Water said...

What an adorable wreath! Janice

frontporchprims said...

It's so fun to have things from sisters. What a special wreath. -Steph-

The Mary Bell said...

Hi Lori!

I'm new to your blog, but wanted to join in the front-door-greeter fun - at my front door it's who greets ME - my cat babies: G, Peggy and Sweatty!