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Monday, February 11, 2013

O.k.,  I am still hanging in there.
It is so hard for me to take time out everyday to blog...believe me, I really want to, but finding the time seems next to impossible!
So here it is, 3 days in 1:
Whole lotta love, Day 9
Family time.
I know I mentioned my family before, but it is so important to me that we spend quality time together.  One of the reasons we relocated to Florida was because we were so busy with work when we lived in Maine and we really didn't want to miss out on our children growing up.
We owned a heating business that was run 24/7 and an orchard that was run almost 8 months out of the year.  Simply put, we had too much on our plate!
So we are here now and we are giving ourselves and the children the time that we so desperately needed.  Whether it be family game night or pizza movie night, we make sure to fit something in during the week.
So this week we decided on Saturday that we would spend the day at Universal Studios because of the start of their Mardi Gras!  We had a fantastic time, especially during the parade!  (Unfortunately I did not take any pictures as I did not want to carry my camera around, perhaps another day I will).
But I did capture this after:
and that is why family time is one my most favorite whole lotta loves!
Whole lotta love, Day 10
My tart burners.
Love em, love em.  We have gone through so many of these over the years, either wax was spilled down into the wiring or the tops have simply cracked due to overuse.

You can see that the one above is mismatched.  Probably somewhere down the line a top cracked and a bottom broke..lol

This is the newest one I bought hubby for his bday...he asked for it!
I love using the wax to coat candles or make pretty shaped tarts that I use as bowl fillers;
(I sent some of these to Michelle from Simple Pleasures as she was my Humble Heart Swap partner:)

Whole lotta love, Day 11
I have a lot of baskets! 
I use them for decoration and as storage. 
I feel as though I can never have enough.  Here are just a few picts of my baskets;

Have a great Monday:)


frontporchprims said...

Morning Lori. I think family time is one of my whole lotta love favorites too. In fact, I am doing a post on that today:) What a sweet picture of you son. He looks so happy. I am glad you and your husband had the sense to see what was needed and to make a change. You will never regret it one day in your life. I don't own a tart warmer, though I have wanted one for a while now. -Steph-

Old Red Barn said...

Beautiful pic of your son! And I can't keep up with reading the posts about Whole Lotta Love ... can imagine how difficult it is to write every day.


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Lori, your boy is adorable, cute pic......love the melts to, my Sis got me one burner for Christmas,smells the whole house up.....Beautiful baskets, Francine.

Raggedy Creations said...

The pic of your little guy with all the beads is adorable. Your hubby actually asked for a tart burner????? wow that's wonderful and I love your basket collection.


Angie Berry said...

Such a cute, cute picture! Love that sweet grin! Lori, I had no idea we had THAT much in common, haha! I also love my wax burners (and use the old wax from them in my prims), baskets, stars, homespun, fall, and apple pie!! I really enjoyed reading back through your posts and saying "Hey, me too!", hehe.

Have a delightful week~

Cindi said...

Hi Lor, you are doing great with blogging and all of the other things you got going on. I couldn't do it if I had kids! Your son is so cute. I have never used a tart burner...might have to try that once. I LOVE your baskets, they are one of my favorites too!
Be blessed,