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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Whole Lotta Love...Day 7

Today my whole lotta love is for Homespun:)
I really enjoy the look of homespun.
In quilts:
As runners or tablecloths:
In artwork:
As a craft:
As an accent:
Just stacked:
I even enjoy it just as a box of scraps:)
Do you enjoy looking at your homespun too?


Old Red Barn said...

I love it mostly in quilts or as an accent.


Primitive Stars said...

Oh ya, love the look of Homespun to.....wonderful post,Francine.

Christine said...

Great post Lori! Homespun was what first drew me toward prim style crafting! Love your photos!

Prims By The Water said...

Yes I love homespun..so prim! Janice

Cindi said...

Hi Lori, I am a little behind, was out of commission since Tuesday. I too love homespun...sure wish I could make a quilt like that!
Be blessed,

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Lori,
I love using homespun's in my crafts too.

Hey I need your mailing address for my giveaway. Sent you an email but for some reason it's not going.... please email me at prim.crafts at hotmail dot com and I'll get your angel out to you.