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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whole Lotta Love...Day 5 & 6

Oops I did it again, combining two days into one.  Although these two kind of go hand in hand, at least to me!
My whole lotta love for Day 5 is FALL....I Love the Fall!
It is my favorite season by far.  I love everything about it and having owned an apple orchard and everything that comes with it, it really made a lasting impression in my heart.  I believe this quote, which I'm sure you've read before, says it all;
Now, you would think that moving from a New England state, where the fall is absolutely breathtaking to a very southern state you would lose out on the fall season.
I would have to say that is somewhat true.   But I was pleasantly surprised by the fall season in Florida.  Now mind you the colors aren't quite as vibrant and the season itself shows up a little bit later.  But the air does crisp up and the leaves do fall.
When we rented our house, we did so sight unseen.  So imagine my surprise when we drove up and I saw two beautiful northern looking trees in my backyard (I say northern looking as I am not sure exactly what type of trees they are).  But these trees remind me of home...they change with the seasons, they drop their leaves (which we don't mind raking up) and they are climable...which my kids love!  I love sitting in our sunroom watching the wildlife that shows up at that time of year and listening to them rustling in the leaves.  It has made the transition here a lot easier.
But I can't forget that I moved to this paradise for a reason.  So when I want the feel of a tropical vacation, I just walk to the front of the house...where I have two beautiful palms!
I have to say, I guess I got the best of both worlds,
and for that I am thankful:)
Which leads me to my whole lotta love for Day 6....Halloween!!
Yes, it is my favorite holiday!.  One of the reasons I enjoy the fall so much is that I can't wait for Halloween!  I love the decorations, I love the scary movies, I love to take the kids trick-or-treating and I especially love jack-o-lanterns!
We had a huge pumpkin patch at our orchard and I carved a lot of jack-o-lanterns!
Even though I am anxious for fall and halloween of 2013, I will enjoy each season and holiday as they come.  But for these two things I really do have a whole lotta love:)


Primitive Stars said...

Boo!!!! I also love Fall, my favorite time of year to......Wonderfull post, Blessings Francine.

Christine said...

One of my dreams is to visit New England in the Fall - any pics I've seen are breathtaking of the trees changing color!
Have fun!

Prims By The Water said...

I love Fall too! Its my favorite season. Take care, Janice

frontporchprims said...

I love a good palm, but you can't beat the oaks in the fall. The seasons are good but fall is my favorite too.